December 02, 2004

Telegraph lied about Galloway

George Galloway has just won his libel action against the Daily Telegraph. This case has a couple remarkable features. First was the fact that the Telegraph. didn't use the defence that what they had said (that George Galloway had been taking bribes from the Saddam regime) was true. They knew it wasn't true. Instead they argued that their lies were justified in the "public interest". Second, the judge (without a jury) found in Galloway's favour awarding him £150,000 and obscene amounts of costs. This must be very worrying for the war party in the UK. They'll carry on casting slurs on the anti-war movement in general but they might exercise caution over naming names in future.

It's funny I can't find the name of the journalist responsible for the libel anywhere in today's coverage. Let me word associate here. Lies...war....Iraq....more lies....libel....Telegraph.....more lies still.....Blair. That's it. His name was Blair.


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